Petition to start Hindi in Middle and High school as an elective language

(by Hindi USA)

To the local School Board of Education:

Dear Board Members,

Being a resident of this school district, I write to request you to offer Hindi Language as an optional choice in the school curriculum. This course offering will augment the diverse syllabus of our school. My reasons for the request are as follows:

1. Currently, our children have no choice but to choose French, Italian, Spanish, German, etc. as an elective language to satisfy their language requirement for graduation from American schools. Hindi is not offered as an elective language since Indian community has not asked schools to offer it in their school curriculum. Chinese language has recently been offered in many High schools thanks to the consistent effort by the Chinese community.

2. Hindi is the second most spoken language in the world and the official language of India, but hasn’t achieved a wider popularity compared to other languages because of our lukewarm approach towards it. Hindi is also a much scientific and advanced language sharing the same Devnagiri script as Sanskrit and is fundamentally strong in phonetic and grammar.

3. Before 1970, more people from France, German, and other European countries immigrated to the United States and demanded that their children be taught the languages of their parents in High and Middle schools. There was also more economic and cultural collaboration between United States and those European countries. At the present time, there are more Hindi speaking people living in the United States compared to French and German speaking community and it makes greater sense to make efforts to help institute Hindi as an elective language in American schools.

4. United States and India have come closer in the last decade and economic and cultural collaborations between these two countries have also increased. Many jobs from Fortune 500 companies have been outsourced to India and the joint ventures in the field of information technology have virtually bonded these two largest democracies in the world. Further human resources and technology exchange are expected to continue for many decades to come. Many students from the American universities are visiting India for their internship and higher studies. So, learning Hindi will only help in cementing close bonds these two countries are forming.

5. Hindi is also a part of our Indian culture and our children as well as children of other cultural background will be better able to know one of the oldest cultures in the world.

6. Hindi education in Middle and High schools will help bridge missing link between schools and universities. It is difficult to teach primary Hindi alphabets to the University students and because of extreme study pressure they can get ‘burned out’ and become uninterested in learning Hindi. With a strong Hindi foundation acquired in High school, the student will enjoy learning advanced Hindi in university without any undue pressure

It is high time that we offer Hindi as an elective language in our school curriculum. Hindi will help our children to better understand and utilize the cultural and economic opportunities in India, and to bring the two countries together.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need to discuss it further. Thanks for your support.


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